Posted by: katieperez | July 9, 2008

We got our placement! Moshi Primary School!

5 Days to go!!!!!

I’m so excited! Sue and I just found out that we will be at the Moshi Primary school! This is the placement we were hoping for. I am so excited to get to see all of those adorable smiling faces.

Here are the details:


School- teaching children and assisting teachers


General Information

Mission and Needs of the Partner Program

To provide equal education for all children aged 7-14 years old for primary school and 5 -6 for pre-primary School.  To help the community to educate their children for the benefit of the new coming generation.


Moshi Primary School enrolls pupils for two levels, pre-primary level and primary level. The primary level has seven grades; primary I to primary VII with average of 700 pupils (364 boys and 331 girls). Teaching is done in Kiswahili but English is among the 6 subjects normally offered, and is taught in English. The regular subjects include Math, science, Kiswahili, English, General Knowledge and Arts and Crafts.  The school has an acute shortage of teachers in and supplies for arts and crafts. It has a total of 22 teachers (1 man and 21 women).

Volunteer Activities / Duties

·   Teach English, mathematics, reading and writing

·   Teach sports, games and songs, arts and crafts

·   Help assess the development and progress of students (help create testing procedures)

·   Organize projects and activities for the children.

·   Work with the teacher to develop primary and pre-primary school activities and materials that can be used for years to come (using creativity to create things with little supplies and modern equipment)

·   Participate in cultural exchange with the children and teachers


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