Posted by: katieperez | July 15, 2008

We’re finally here! Frankfurt & Egypt Day 1


We definitely made the most out of our 10 hour layover in Frankfurt. We spent the day walking around the Old Quarter and Cruising down the Main (the river there).  

We had dinner at Wagners – Weiner Schnitzel  and Apple Wine. We were fans of the former but no big fans of the wine.

Crazy moment 1: Katie was patted on the head in the park by a very bizarre man.



The Flight:

We had never been on a flight like this before. Even though it was a Lufthansa flight it was complete chaos. It was like a Cattle call trying to board and we had never seen so many children on a plane before- especially on an overnight flight. Once on board things only got more crazy. People were talking insanely loud and at one point a man actually started screaming. It seemed very typical to everyone except us.

The Airport

We arrived into Cairo at 4am and were greeted by the guide from our tour. He helped us get our visas, etc. In the Immigration line we noticed a lovely Welcome Sign which kindly informed us that if we were caught using drugs in Egypt we would be put in prison for life, fined 500,000 Egyptian pounds, and perhaps even Hung. It suggested we head this warning and enjoy our stay. We also had a few marriage proposals before leaving the airport.

Our Guides

We are SOOOOOO thankful we arranged for guides. This city is wild and crazy and life is so simple with them. Sahmil & Tamer are our tour guides who arrange for our other guides and drivers for us. Ranya is our AMAZING actual tour guide. She speaks perfect English, is funny & is extremely knowledgeable about the city and Egyptian History.

Day 1: Egyptian Museum, Jewelry & Perfume Shops, Old Cairo, Felucca Ride on the Nile at Sunset

Amazingly after only 4 hours sleep we were adjusted to our new time zone and ready to go. This probably had something to do with the fact we were both so excited to finally be in Cairo after MONTHS of planning this trip. We started off the morning at the Egyptian Museum which was an amazing start to the day. The sheer amount of artifacts and statues is overwhelming and we were so happy to have Ranya to guide us through.  The highlights were really learning the basics (Cartouche’s , Hieroglyphic’s and the symbols of Egypt and the gods), seeing the goodies from King Tut’s Tomb and seeing the Mummies (although the later was a bit disturbing). Turns out King Tut wasn’t an amazing Pharaoh by any means – he just happens to be the only own who’s tomb was never raided before being re-discovered in the modern era. Ranya keeps saying how much of the Egyptian history is uncovered by fate and luck and there is still quite a few mysteries to be solved. We also loved seeing the papyrus depiction of the “Final Judgment” in which a persons heart is weighed (against a feather) to determine if their heart is light from sin and if they deserve to enter the afterlife.  

After the Museum we toured some Jewelry Shops and visited a perfume & essential oils shop.

We then went to Old Cairo to see the Hanging Church (named because it hangs above a temple, not because they hang people) and the old Synagogue. We met a lovely family of children who were quite amused with us and were happy to speak to us in English.

To end the day we went on an amazing Felucca ride on the Nile. It was the perfect end to a VERY long day.


(Click to Play Video)

We’ll were off to bed to get our first nights sleep since starting out.  It’s $20 US an hour for e-mail here so it might be a few days before we post again.

Katie & Sue



  1. great that you enjoyed your trip…As an anthropologist I’m curious to know the few marriage proposals you received before leaving the airport was seriously said or they just said it in a sense of humor!

  2. Hi Katie

    Isnt Egypt wild? What a great place. Enjoy your trip.

    What is it with 4am arrivals into Cairo!

  3. Hey Sue!!!
    Have a great time
    Love you!!!

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