Posted by: katieperez | July 18, 2008

Pyramids & Luxor

Hi All-  Egypt has just been amazing. The people are so friendly and fun and we have been so busy with the sights and events that we just havent had a single minute to write. We spent the last 2 days doing the pyramids & Luxor. We visited all 3 sites in Egypt with Pyramids and even climbed into the tomb of the Red Pyramid at Dashur. Then we went up the Nile to Upper Egypt (actually the south) to Luxor where we visited the Vally of the Kings and Queens, Luxor and Karnak temples, etc, etc , etc. It has jsut been amaxing. Luxor is a totally different atmosphere then Cairo. Cario is HUGE, the traffic never ends and everything moves quickly (except the cars during rush hour). Luxor is a peaceful slow paced town up the Nile so the river is larger, cleaner and more beautiful. It is the home to the Vally of the Kings and Queens, etc.  We took the advantage of being in a smaller city to see what life is really like for the Egyption Farmers who live in the mud huts up and down the river. You will see several children in our photos- these are all children in Luxor. One family was kind enough to let us into their home. They had a stable in their back yard (part of their house really) with cows and geese and they had a very small modest table and a large pot of potatoes. The women there looked to be younger then me but there were several cildren around. The kids loved showing us their home and treasured our postcards of Seattle that we presented them. Latter in the evening after we were exausted (did we mentioned it was 117 degrees out?) we took a carriage ride through the small peoples markets.  The people come alive at night because the heat  prevents any kind of real activity during the day. Our driver was amazing and we had such an amazing glimpse into the daily lives of the people here.

I dont have time to upload all of the photos to the blog here but we ahve put everything on our flicker site:

We are now off to Tanzania. We are so excited- the last week has been amazing but it really was jsut the pre-curser for what awaits us tomorrow.


Love to you all and well be in touch soon!


-Katie & Sue




  1. Walk like an Egytian

  2. looks like someone is having a good time!! great photos/videos…keep em coming.

  3. Looks so awesome! Great pictures – I am loving watching your traveling. Can’t wait to see more. Have fun!

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