Posted by: katieperez | July 20, 2008

Our new Home- Moshi Tanzania

We are here. After so many moths of planning for this it is amazing to finally be here. We were able to see the Majestic Kilimanjaro as we flew in and fields of sunflowers greeted us no our drive into Moshi, the small town where we will live for the next 3 week. The staff at our home base is wonderful and its been so fun getting to meet all of the travelers.

They lost my bag with all of my clothes so we had a good reason to walk into the town this AM in search of Fabric. There is a women who will make me a dress today so that I have something until my bag is found. I bougth fabric for 8 dollars and the cost of making it will be 6 dollars. The people are so friendly and welcome us and I am just in love with the children we see. There are very few suppilies here so Sue and I are thrilled that we brought so much with us- we imagine it will be a bit like the pied piper once we pull out the balls. 🙂

We have orientation today and tomorrow and then will get to start work at the school.

The Internet is only Dial up so the photos will be limited but well post what we can.

this place is just magical- so quiet and serene.


Love to all-




  1. HI Katie!

    Sounds like a great time. Did they find your luggage? I am enjoying your blog. Take care and have a great time!

  2. Hi Katie & Sue,

    WOW, what beautiful photographs! It appears that you two are having SO much fun. Keep the blog postings coming, it is great to see what/how you two are doing. Jeez, the people seemed to be VERY elated, considering their impoverished environment.


  3. Oooh!Hop you will be advertizing MOSHI as the town of Mt.Kilimanjaro.Sorry for the miserable that happened to you.WELCOME BACK MOSHI and KILIMANJARO at large

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