Posted by: katieperez | July 21, 2008

The People

The people here are simply amazing. The prverty is extreme but they are so willing to share whatever they have. They have a saying that no matter how little the people here never go hungry. We walk down the street and just meet local people and they offer us a bite of whatever they have in their bags. We have learned the basic Kiswahili greetings and words so the people get a kick out of talking with us and its great practice for us. They call us mzungu which means white foreigner essentially but it is a compliment here. They will say to each other that locals who are on time or dress very smart are acting very mzungu. There doesn’t seem to be any discrimination against us. One of the local men said that we are all like fingers on a hand. All of your fingers are different sizes andf lengths but yet they all work together and are cnodirnated to acomplish tasks.

We are very excited to get to finally go to work tomorrow. We have been in training for two days and now has the basic vocab down so we are ready for the kids 🙂 We ha seen them in town already and they will run up to us to practice their engligh. We met a techer at the school where we will be and he said the kids english is very porr so I guess we will have a lot to teach. Well there is a long line for the dial up internet so time to go.


Oh PS my bag finally showed up so now I hve clothes- happy day



  1. Looks like you two are having an amazing time, what a great adventure.

    Keep on smiling and give those adorable kids a hug from me.

    your sis Barbara

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