Posted by: katieperez | September 3, 2008

Asante Sana Mama Grace!

Mama Grace, Katie & Fortunata

Mama Grace, Katie & Fortunata

I don’t even know how to being to thank Mama Grace for everything that she did & for all of the wonderful memories that I have because of her. She is simply one of the most self-less and Amazing women I have ever met. Sue & I are convinced that she doesn’t sleep because we simply don’t know how she does everything! She helps run the CCS program, takes care of volunteers who are sick (even if that means her staying up all night as she sits by their hospital bed), she gets to know everyone and becomes a friend to everyone, she runs a hostel (called Mama Africa), she is a mother to 4 boys (one who has special needs), and she is a loving wife. She has helped to found several schools and agencies in Tanzania and she is the women who introduced me to Neema.

The woman is simply amazing and deserves the biggest THANK YOU possible so here it is:


We MISS you!



Katie & Sue


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