Posted by: katieperez | September 3, 2008

Asante Sana to our Friends at Mt. Kilimanjaro View Lodge

Over the next few days I’ll be posting Thank You’s to some of the amazing people that we had the pleasure of getting to know in Africa. I’ll also be uploading some of the videos and pictures and I couldn’t upload while in Africa because of the low bandwidth.

Our first Thank You:

Sue & I would like to say Asante Sana (Thank You) to all off our new Friends at Mt. Kilimanjaro View Lodge.

Our stay at the lodge was one of the true highlights of our trip. Not only is it one of the most magical & beautiful settings in the world but it is filled with the kindest and most loving people we have ever met.

Phillip, the owner of the lodge, is a wonderful giving man who welcomes people from all of the world into his home. He grew up on the moutain and does so much to help the local Chaga people. You could not ask for a better host!

Flora is a beautiful & talented young women. She helps manage the lodge. We really enjoyed getting to sit and talk with Flora but even better was sitting and listening to her sing. She has an amazing voice and when I think of the poeple of Africa and the music it is her voice that fills my memories.

Katie, Flora & Sue

Katie, Flora & Sue

Charles was our amazing guide. He lead us on Amazing hikes and filled every moment with a smile. He is a bright and talented young man. He would sing the Jambo song with us as we hiked and one of my favorite memories of my trip is us hiking in the rain forest and Charles marching along leading us in song. Not only was he an amazing guide but he also has the patience of a saint! It had rained on the mountain so it was very slippery and I slipped every few feet on a 7 mile hike! Charles walked by me the entire way and would reach out to catch me as I went down. I’ll never forget him saying “Come on” in this light tone with disbelief as I slipped again and again while going down the mountain. Thanks to his help I only went down and landed in the once each day.

To all of our new friends- thank you so much for the visit! We simply loved it and we hope to return again to “hevan on earth”!

Katie & Sue



  1. Katie, I am loving your blog!!! The video clip was beautiful!!! Glad to see you are having such an incredible trip.

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