Posted by: katieperez | January 14, 2010

A ray of Sunshine & Sweet Potatos

OK so as many of you know I’ve been a little busy over the last 8 months or so with all sort of things in life. Hence why I haven’t even posted about the birth of my beautiful baby girl. Now that I’m back at work life is getting a bit more normal and orderly and I thought it was time to pick back up the blog posts.

Life is jsut as busy as ever. My little girl, Lizzy (or Chubs as she is lovingly refered to by her Unckle) is amazing and a true delight. She has just turned 6 months old and she is simply ahead on everything. She was sitting up on her own at 5 months and love the concept of ripping open presents at Christmas. At 6 months she is now almost 22 lbs. and very long (95% for length) so she is growing nicely. She has a beautiful personality and is almost always happy which is very important as life has often necessitated her going all over with us and it’s great that she has been a happy trouper through it all. She has already been on something like 36 flights, stepped foot (ok carried) through 4 countries, and sports a very cute Passport photo in which she is wearing a Horton Hears A Who onesie. She is just starting to eat solids and I lovingly make all of her food at home. I’m pretty proud of my homemade organic baby food and I am now personally eatting sweet potatos, a food that I thought I would never like.

For those of you not in the know about Jeff, my bother, he is doing really well. His cancer has responded amazingly to the drug treatment and we are going to Cincinnati this week for him to have surgery to hopefully remove all of the cancer. They are several long weeks ahead of him (and us) during his surgeries and recovery but we are all just so excited at this amazing turn of events.

And to top if all off my non-profit, The Neema Foundation ( is just in the process of building our first computer lab in Tanzania. I’ve uploaded some photos of the lab for those interested.

I’m sure I’ll update with more soon.

Love to you all,




  1. So glad to hear things are going well! 🙂 xoxo

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