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I’m 28, Married and Live in Seattle, WA. Pedro and I have been dating since 2001 and were married June 25th, 2006. We both work in the video game world – I’m a producer on Xbox and he is a game designer for Airtight Games. We have a dog named Mr. Darcy (after Jane Austin’s famous Mark Darcy from Pride & Prejudice) who is a 5 lb toy poodle- very spoiled.


Ireland Trip, Oct 2007

Ireland Trip, Oct 2007



  1. Hi Katie,

    I was trying to find your website. I am nearing the publishing of some of our very early colonial history. It goes much further back than John Clements book and contains significantly more information on the early family. If you would like a copy let me know.

    I don’t know if I ever sent you a copy of your gramma Elizabeth’s Family history on CD. It has photos of her and her mother. You look a lot like her mom. Your great Grandmother Balint.

    Uncle Bill

  2. I appreciated it…

  3. Hi Katie
    This may seem a little weird but my name is Katie Stone too! I live in England and I was on Google Images and me and some friends decided to type my name in, and you came up and we got onto your website. It is really inspiring to hear about someone that has travelled to so many places, something I wish to do in the future. Just thought I’d get in touch because we have the same name!

    Katie Stone

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