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If you would like to Subscribe to my Blog please follow the directions below. If you subscribe you will then get an e-mail everytime I post an update. That way you dont have to check back all of the time!

  1. It will ask you to enter the feed address. Put in:
  2. Then it will ask for your e-mail. Enter that and then it should send you a conformation mail.
  3. Approve the Conformation mail and then you should be set!


If you would like to contact me about my travels please e-mail

For more information on the Neema Foundation please e-mail

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  1. Hi Katie & Sue,

    WOW, what beautiful photographs! It appears that you two are having SO much fun. Keep the blog postings coming, it is great to see what/how you two are doing. Jeez, the people seemed to be VERY elated, considering their impoverished environment.


  2. Hi Katie,

    I was recently in Moshi and went to visit the Moshi Primary School to drop off school supplies. My husband and I would like to send more supplies but do not have the full address for this school. Would you happen to have it? If so, could you please fwd it to my e-mail address –

    Thanks Katie and happy travels!

  3. Happy New Year!
    This may seem a little out of the blue, but I typed my name into Google, which is Katie Stone too! It came up with your website and I think your adventures are amazing.
    Me and my friends, Laura and Sehrish, just wanted to let you know that we shared the same name.
    Hope you have fun on your travels in the future.

  4. Hello
    I know this is out of the blue but one day me and my friends typed my name into google , which is also Katie Stone, and your website came up.
    I just wanted to say that I think your travels are amazing and I hope you have plenty more great adventures in the future.
    Katie Stone

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