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Katie’s Travel Map

Yellow = places visited; Blue = Favorite location

Katie’s Favorite Travel Destinations

  1. Vernazza, Italy
  2. London, England
  3. Prague, Czech Republic
  4. Budapest, Hungary
  5. Doolin, Ireland
  6. San Pedro, Belize
  7. Chengdu, China

Trip Details

London & Ireland – Oct 2007

In October 2007 Pedro and I ventured to London and Ireland. I studied in London while in College so it was wonderful to catch up with my host family. We stayed with them and spent a lot of time roaming around with Siobhan, my host sister who i still keep in touch with. We had a wonderful trip. Forst off it was great to show Pedro the places that still linger in so many happy memories. My 4 months in London was one of the happiest times of my life. I got to travel all over, see tons of theater and met some truly wonderful people. It was so nice to be back there in a place that still feels very much like home.

We started the adventure at a Concert that my host sister and her mom put on. We followed that up with a little Party back at their house which then turned into a birthday Party for Pedro as he turned 32 at midnight. It was so much fun. The whole group started signing “Pedro the fisherman” to him- apparently it was a popular song in the UK about 40 years ago. 🙂 It was a bast.

We spent the next week seeing wonderful theater (Billy Elliot, Avenue Q, 39 Steps, etc) , drinking Strongbow, and shopping. We of course made time for the key sights like the Tower of London and High Tea.

Drinking Tea at Ship\'s Tea Room in London

After a week in London Pedro and I went off to explore Ireland together. It was amazing. Pedro came to life in Ireland. It is the only place, outside of Seattle, that he would be willing to call home. We spent a few days in Dublin in Clontarf Castle. The it was off on a backpacker’s tour of the countryside. We visited the Cliffs of Moore, Blarney Castle (Yes we kissed the Blarney Stone) , Killarney, the Dingle Peninsula, and Doolan.

Our favorite Memories were:

  1. Having Tea in the hidden room in Clontarf Castle
  2. Climbing the Cliffs of Moore(and Pedro walking on the EDGE!)
  3. Listening to Irish Music in Doolin (the home of Irish Music)

Cliffs of Moore

Music in Doolin

Honeymoon in Italy

Pedro and I spent our 3 week Honeymoon in Italy. It was complete bliss! We spent time in Rome, Cinque Terra, Venice, Florance, Sorrento & the Almafi coast. We religiously followed the advice of Rick Steve’s and had an amazing time.

Maybe it was the magic of our honeymoon, maybe it was the amazing summer weather and sunset on the Mediterranean, who know but Pedro and I are both head over heals in love with Cinque Terra. We loved almost every moment that we spent in Italy but our time in Cinque Terra was magical. We spent ours hiking and walking through the amazing cliff towns that make up that region. We played backgammon, went snorkeling and spent every meal savoring every taste. The Capresse here was to die for, as was the Pesto which calls this region home.

We were lucky to be in Florance during the World Cup, and even luckier that Italy won. We watched the game in a little bar and then moved with the crowd towards the Duomo after the victory.

Our Favorite Memories:

  1. Life in Cinque Terra
  2. Italy winning the World Cup
  3. Dinner at Cibreo in Florance
  4. Our Gondola Ride and running through the rain in Venice
  5. Eating Tartufo in Piazza Navona (at Tre Scalini)
  6. Watching Pedro pose for numerous photos with Italia’s marbled statues
  7. Hunting down the best Gelato (south of the Ponte Vecchio bridge in our opinion)
  8. Visiting Pompei




  1. Wow, Katie… Your site is inspiring. I want to go to all these places now 🙂

    I especially like the restaurant by the water and boats. I have to go there!

    Can you tell me the name of it?

    Wishing you many more wonderful travels.

  2. Wow, Katie… Your site is inspiring. I want to go to all these places now 🙂

    I especially like the restaurant by the water and boats. I have to go there!

    Can you tell me the name of it?

    Wishing you many more wonderful travels.

  3. The cafe is in Vernezza Italy- one of the 5 towns that makes up Cinque Terra. I dont remember the exact name of the cafe but if you walk down from the Train Station into town the main road will lead you to the breach. This cafe if out on the pier. Cinque Terra is a breathtaking location and Pedro and I can’t wait to reutrn.

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